🙂 To my surprise, a comment from Cecile (DuBois, that is), kindly explaining to me how to figure out how to see all the comments and links to her blog and pointing me to this thing called Technorati . Makes me feel like I had been living in a cave, for never even hearing about such a thing. How things change at the speed of light in an Internet world… I go to Technorati and find out, from their What is Technorati page, the following:

“Technorati is a conversation engine. It tells you what’s being said, right now, about every blog or site that has something to say — and says it so well that others point to them.”

I find the last sentence specially worrisome, since my thoughts have never made it into the “mass kind of thinking” category. And as for saying it well, well, it is on my list of self-improvements an English composition or essay writing course, I need a distance online one, and although I have found several sites, one wonders about if they are just another money making scheme to take way hard won dollars from ingenues out there.

Now, after reading the extensive one paragraph explanation of what is Technorati, my mind is still fuzzy about it, I do a few searches, and kind of understand what it is for, but am still clueless.

I fear, sadly, my blog is doomed and the picture/thought of Anne Frank keeps coming to mind, writing her diary. An audience or conversation partner was not needed then, but to me, that is one of the greatest things that could come out of a blog. Connections. Good ones.

I am also flustered with a feeling of too much freedom. (It´s only an illusion of too much freedom, mind you, life continues to be in some deep mire).

Before, there was no space to write in (something on the spot, spontaneous, commentary), and it was so frustrating not to have this space! Now, here is the space. Arrgghh! What a responsibility! It´s as if millions of people are waiting for me to make a speech but my mind is blank. Totally. Vocabulary regresses to 5th grade. I stare out into the bright lights, blinding me on the stage, and say,