Two violent homo women try to rape/torture another:

NORTHAMPTON – Two women (Rachel Ann Klobertanz, 22, and Augusta Claire Kendall, 22), one a Smith College student, pleaded innocent to rape and assault charges yesterday in connection with a sexual encounter that a prosecutor said started out consensual and turned into a rape involving handcuffs and knives.

What does this tell you about the mess of the minds of these women?

The woman went there voluntarily, despite the fact she had obtained a restraining order against Klobertanz in August, according to Loehn (the DA) and police reports.

The three had “several bottles of champagne” and then went to a bedroom where the three engaged in consensual sex, according to Loehn and police reports. During the encounter, the victim was placed in handcuffs, although she did not remember how, police reports state. After Kendall slapped her face, the victim told the two she wanted to stop, police said.

In case you didn´t know, Smith college used to be an all women´s college, don´t know if it still is and it´s full of homos and these people that think they have a really hip sexuality (read ignorant, dysfunctional, crude, when not violent as well) – what you see a lot on TV and porn.

And voilà the result.

“In an interview, Loehn, who had been with the Northwestern district attorney’s office for more than 10 years, said while this case may be unusual, it is not the first time a woman has been charged with raping another woman here. It’s unusual because of the level of violence that occurred, Loehn said.”

I don´t see much of “unusual” in the case, what is unusual is that for once the media covered it and didn´t succumb to the blackmailing and social engineering repression from homo activists and other “we don´t want to know” pro-homosexuals.

This is exactly what I stated in the SM discussion and in all the homosexist/homosexuality discussions here. Talking about how violent non-heterosexuals are is not ranting, it is to shed light on what pro-homosexuals insist on lying about.


On a related note, in a beautifully worded comment from a police officer blogger in the UK, The Policeman stated:

What the police call “stranger rape” is mercifully rare. In contrast to sexual offences as a whole, which have increased in frequency as our society has become more liberal, open minded and tolerant.


Updated Nov. 13, 2014

I found this brief note online:

Prosecutors have dropped rape charges filed against two women, including a former Smith College student, who were accused of handcuffing and raping another student and slashing her with knives.
Rachel Ann Klobertanz, 23, and Augusta Claire Kendall, 22, both pleaded innocent in January to aggravated rape and assault charges.
Kendall was a student at the elite women’s college at the time of her arrest.
The woman who made the accusation lives out of state and would not voluntarily testify, so the judge dismissed the charges on Monday, according to the district attorney’s office.
Prosecutors had said the three women met at a downtown Northampton bar on Jan. 14. They went back to Klobertanz and Kendall’s apartment, where they drank champagne and engaged in sex that allegedly began as consensual but ended as rape.


What happened?