From Boston-Channel:

Jury: Shanley Guilty Of Child Rape – Ex-Priest May Spend Life In Prison

In her closing statement, Rooney said the accuser was not testifying for settlement money. She questioned why he would put himself through such testimony.

“He came in here, and he told you what happened because that man, that defendant, that priest raped him and molested him when he was a little boy over and over again,” Rooney said. “If it was all a lie, it could have been a better lie. If it was all made up, wouldn’t it have been better scripted? Wouldn’t there have been more details? Wouldn’t there have been more information for you about the number of times?”

The accuser told the jury that Shanley started molesting him when he was 6 years old at St. Jean Parish in Newton, Mass. Archdiocese records show that church officials knew that Shanley advocated sex between men and boys. Despite that, they continued to transfer the priest from parish to parish.

Good job, Rooney! May the survivor find peace.

From NNDB:

The February 12, 1979 of Gays Week included the article “Men & Boys,” detailing a recent Boston meeting of 150 people to discuss the topic of man-boy love. Rev. Paul R. Shanley was there, in his official capacity as a representative of the Catholic church. According to the article, the priest shared the story of a boy “who was rejected by family and society but helped by a boy-lover.” But when the pedophile was discovered and incarcerated, “there began the psychic demise of that child… He had loved that man. It was only a brief and passing thing as far as the sex was concerned but the love was deep and the gratitude to the man was deep.”

The Catholic church had begun receiving molestation complaints about Shanley in 1967. The Boston Archdiocese paid out a $40,000 settlement with an alleged victim in 1991. Two years later, they excluded him from priest duties. Then, in 2002, he was apprehended in California. The church finally defrocked him in May 2004.

Excerpted from Shanley’s diary: “Much of my life these last few years has been choosing not twixt good and evil, but the less of the two evils … my God, I’ve even taught kids to shoot up properly.” And: “One of the first things I do in a new city is to sign up at the local clinic for help with my VD.”

And for a seriously vile pro-Shanley article by JoAnn Wypijewski – CounterPunch/The Nation:

As for Shanley, should he lose, any sentence is likely to be a life sentence, given his age. His silence, for a man whose life was distinguished by rebellion, indicates how much he has already lost. Shanley’s defeat came long before his name was made tinder for scandal.

Everything she argues can be blown to pieces. Specially disgusting is her minimizing and trivializing of adolescent exploitation and rape by Shanley.

She is some cheap media trash writing about sexual violence towards minors, a topic she clearly has no grasp of.

The accusations against Shanley rely on a psychological theory called dissociated or repressed memory. It holds that the mind can submerge the most traumatic memories in some walled-off place, where they remain unaltered and retrievable in exact detail by a triggering event or therapy. The idea comes from Freud’s early work, and is one which he ultimately rejected. It was reformulated in some feminist psychotherapeutic circles beginning in the 1970s, and reached its apex in the 1980s and early ’90s, when children, prodded by therapists, began reciting “memories” of satanic ritual abuses committed at their day care centers. Many people went to prison as a result of those stories. Most of those convictions have since been reversed; others continue to be fought. Yet the theory persists. Daniel Brown, a psychotherapist who testified to the grand jury in Shanley’s case, argues that “material that is too intense may not be able to be consciously processed and so may become unconscious and amnesic.”

“It was reformulated in some feminist psychotherapeutic circles beginning in the 1970s, and reached its apex in the 1980s and early ’90s, when children, prodded by therapists, began reciting “memories” of satanic ritual abuses committed at their day care centers.”

The phenomenon has been studied for the entire last century and “not just resurfaced in the 70´s”, including when it happens to war/torture/concentration camp survivors. If this vile Ms. Wypijewski weren´t completely unethical, she would write about that in her disgraceful article, instead of giving it this glib spin.

“Yet the theory persists.”

The theory also persists because in a fair amount of sexual abuse cases, other credible evidence corroborating the repressed memories has been found once investigation was undertaken. The same has happened to abuse suffered in war times, which has been also found to be a true account by the people who recovered the memories. Therefore, it is not just some loony theory flying out there as she presents it, there is proof to the theory.

It is true that in some cases the memories have been found to be untrue (there is, for example, a well known Nazi camp case where this apparently is the case, aside from more recent family abuse cases), so utmost care must be taken in each individual case, because one case does not imply any other is true or false.

And here we ask the question, isn´t the way the news industry work just disgusting?

Here you have a seriously biased, unethical, ignorant, unprofessional “journalist” writing about a topic she has not studied at all, but one in which she writes as if she were some authority. Mostly because this cheap trash is a fanatic pro-homosexual. There is no doubt that if Shanley had been heterosexual and had abused and tortured girls and female adolescents, Ms. Wypijewski would have never written an article defending him and propping him up as a victim. The only reason she did it is because he is a homo and that´s what her fanaticism is about.

How many heterosexual child abuse female victims that went to trial based on recovered memories did Ms. Scum above bash for their testimony? How many heterosexual abusers did she prop up as a victim of nasty accusers? How many other victims’ reputations did she try to destroy?


Aren´t we surprised at what she´s doing?

It´s not that any accusation must be believed simply because it is an accusation, but she left out the entire case for the prosecution, plus all the evidence that exists and was not included. Not to mention her lopsided writing about abuse and trauma to support her accusation. And the fact that none of these topics are in her area of reported expertise in journalism (or anything else, for that matter). Her article is like an op-ed at a 180 degree angle of bias. And it passes for journalism!

Prop up one of the most notoriously in your face homo abusers in the Church scandal as the victim, that´s just how concerned homo activists are for the children.

It´s amazing.

I don´t know what happens now with appeals, sentencing, etc. But even though these are news to celebrate, I feel a certain dissatisfaction because one time, Shanley threatened to spill all the dirty laundry about the higher Church hierarchy that he knew, if they didn´t toe the line in keeping quiet and not turning on him, after he was caught. Apparently, that will never happen. And justice will not be done in a lot many other ways with people who were responsible for the destruction of countless children.

A conspiracy of silence, indeed.