J.* asked, “You write a lot about homosexuality. Is there any particular reason for that?”

I am upset.

Actually, I am writing more about pro-homosexuality than homosexuality (it´s not the same). Here are just a quick, jotted down list of reasons.

I am upset at what I see is the destruction of very beautiful and important things in our world (mental health, freedom of conscience/speech, modesty/respect, and many other things). I am upset at the increase of sexual aggression and violence we see with each passing day, which is part of this liberal pro-homo culture. In my little comparison to the fat activists, I outline why pro-homosexuality has become an issue for me. I am upset that homo activists, together with the chorus and cheerleaders of pro-homosexuals, are treating people who question pro-homo dogmas in the grossest way possible, going from stupid to criminal. This is unacceptable.

Thought and speech that questions pro-homosexuality has been criminalized in many ways. I am upset that many stupid ideas and ways of thinking about psychology and sexuality are now “common sense.” This was achieved by a multi-million dollar political lobby effort, that destroyed responsible education on the subject. I am upset that homo activists are shoving homosexuality in society as a norm in a totalitarian fashion and this is altering attitudes and behaviors in society for the worst. Liberals have highjacked the pro-homo activism to promote their irresponsible and violent culture and pro-homos have highjacked liberal´s irresponsibility and hypocrisy for their own ends.

I don´t like how pro-homo activists treat people like cattle (onto which they shove one social engineering tactic after another). I am upset at how much pro-homosexuals lie about how much violence (murder, battering, abuse, STDs, sexual violence, cover-ups, drug-related violence, etc) is perpetrated by GLBT’s. I am upset at the severe ignorance this mass of pro-homos displays in all social sciences. I am upset that any time you ask a pro-homosexual a fair question about the arguments supporting pro-homosexuality you get a violent, stupid response (fill in the blank with insult or swear word). I am upset at the intolerance of tolerance pro-homosexuals enforce. I am upset at how they discriminate non-pro-homos for jobs, while claiming to be fighting civil rights.

I am upset at how hypocritical pro-homosexuals are, specially regarding labels for homosexuals. All of a sudden, very irresponsible, crude people started thinking of themselves as good simply because they referred to homosexuals as “gay.” And good people who didn´t follow along, they burned at the “hate” stake. It´s a very lame form of manipulation. And it´s become the inverse of what it started out as.

There is a lot I want to write about these matters. My blog is an informal little space. I don´t always use a professional tone to speak, I realize that. But that´s because this is a blog, not a journal. And on a blog, we are allowed to blow off a little steam overtly. If you compare the tone on my blog to many of the angry left talking about Bush/Republicans or angry right wingers talking about Kerry/leftists, this is like Miss Manners. This is not to say that I don´t appreciate an easy going tone. Like most human beings, I do. Many of the evangelical blogs, Clayton Cramer, the psych blogs have it. An incisive, but intelligent tone, with humour, is what Ace of Spades achieves quite often too. I had remarked about the tone issue before too. However, my prediction is that the tone on my blog entries will still vary quite a bit for a good while.


* (J. – I´ll reply to your email separately, this question I thought made a good blog entry, so I´m putting it on my blog as well).

update Feb-10-2005

Patrick left a comment:

Speaking of “Mental Health”, you certainly do seem to have an unhealthy obsession with homosexuality. You are obviously a disturbed and unhappy individual who is extremely fearful and feels threatened by gay and lesbian people.

When I see someone who spends so much time and energy regarding a topic that is likely very remote from any practical consequences to themselves in real life, I get suspicious of their motives.

Thank you for your brilliant diagnosis full of shoddy stereotypes. It must satisfy a small mind to apply lame phobia stereotypes to explain why people question the way you think. In no way is this diagnosis self-serving, I have to note. Paraphrasing Dennis the Peasant, “Help, help! I am being oppressed by a myopic homo.” “Disturbed” is also an offensive word, which must mean… hate-speech.

Also, “so much time and energy”? Like writing a couple of posts every few days? It seems what you can´t stand is anyone questioning your dogmatic views. A person writes a couple of posts questioning pro-homosexuality and homo-fanatics are upset.

I´ll be darned.

But it´s a question of control. Homo-fanatics think they need to control talking about human sexuality. They´ve self-entitled themselves the only authority on the subject, and they are out to demonize anyone who questions this hierarchy. They feel they are here to dictate what is right and wrong, and they admit no citizenship from others. It is blatantly bigoted.

If I had written 10 posts a day blasting policies on oil exploration in Alaska, homos like Patrick would not come here and say, “you seem to have an unhealthy obsession with oil exploration issues.” If I had written posts blasting Bush, homos like Patrick wouldn´t come here and say, “you seem to have an unhealthy obsession with president Bush.” If I had written a couple of posts a day criticizing teenage pregnancies, homos like Patrick would not come here and say, “you seem to have an unhealthy obsession with pregnancy issues.” However, if I did nothing else in life except write posts about how right pro-homos are, then Patrick would say, “you seem to be very healthy and have no obsessions.” That´s their definition of mental health – total conformity and submission. It´s not how much I write, what pro-homos can´t stand is anyone criticizing them. What they really don´t want is people showing how they lack ethics and have double standards. And accountability makes them very nervous.

And “remote”? I have to live in a violent, ignorant, disrespectful, dysfunctional society every day, not just remotely. Which is getting worse, thanks, in part, to homo idiots like Patrick. The consequences are very wide ranging and they affect just about everyone on multiple levels.

Pro-homos just can´t stand freedom of conscience and freedom of speech. Which is one of the reasons why I write.