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Les clients des prostituées de Chicago mis au pilori sur Internet – LE MONDE

Pour combattre la prostitution, la municipalité de Chicago croit avoir trouvé la solution : ne plus s’en prendre aux prostituées mais aux clients. En les humiliant, de surcroît. Le 21 juin,la police de la ville a commencé à diffuser sur son site Internet ( les photographies mais aussi les noms et adresses des personnes appréhendées en train de solliciter des services sexuels. […]

Le succès de curiosité a été immédiat. Lors des deux premiers jours de l’opération, près de 90 000 visites ont été enregistrées sur le site.

I think it could be effective and serve as a model to be employed elsewhere. I hope the police are tracking the impact of the measure on a more case by case study, and not just tallying up numbers. This is why they need to act:

En 2004, la police a interpellé 3 200 prostituées, 950 clients et saisi 862 voitures. Ces chiffres sont considérés comme très insuffisants. Selon M. Daley, entre 16 000 et 25 000 femmes se prostituent chaque année dans sa ville, et la plupart sont victimes d’abus sexuels et de violence. “C’est une vie terrible. Elles sont entourées de criminels et de drogués, et vulnérables aux maladies. La société a la responsabilité d’aider ces femmes à changer de vie et d’empêcher d’autres d’entrer dans cette profession“, déclare le maire.


Frank Gaines

Nice media/society criticism – via Clayton, from Malkin.

In other words…

Tell me who/what you care about and I’ll tell you some things about yourself you may not like to be aware of.


From WMD – worth reading the article for the details on how unethically the company acted:

Allstate terminates manager over homosexuality column
On own time, man posted anti-‘gay’ article insurance giant says didn’t reflect its values

By Ron Strom- © 2005

Barber, a former manager with Allstate has sued the insurance giant, alleging the company, which financially supports homosexual advocacy groups, fired him solely because he wrote a column posted on several websites that was critical of same-sex marriage and espoused his Christian beliefs.
Barber says the human resources assistant vice president told him the column didn’t reflect Allstate’s view and that he was suspended with pay. Barber was immediately ushered off company grounds – “which was humiliating,” the former employee said.

“I explained to Allstate that the article was a reflection of my personal Christian beliefs, and that I had every right to both write it and to have it published,” Barber told WND. “I further explained that I had written the article while at home on my own time, that I never mentioned Allstate’s name and that I neither directly nor indirectly suggested that Allstate shared my Christian beliefs or my views on same-sex marriage.”

Three days later, on Feb. 3, Barber, who had worked for Allstate for five years, says he got a call informing him he was fired “for writing the article,” he said. Now, with the help of the Christian Law Association and David Gibbs III, who represented Terri Schiavo’s family in the final weeks of her life, Barber is challenging Allstate in federal court.
Barber says he hopes consumers who hold traditional values will stop patronizing Allstate.

Addressing those who do, Barber said, “You are helping to support an organization that brazenly and illegally discriminates against religious employees who do not blindly and silently toe the extremist, liberal line on official company policy – policy that is not just overtly pro-homosexual, but is demonstrably anti-family.

Gibbs is the lead attorney on the case.

To have Fortune 100 companies like Allstate firing people for expressing their sincerely held religious beliefs and even their personal viewpoints on their own time demonstrates just how out of kilter things have gotten,” Gibbs told WND.

“Allstate aggressively pushes and promotes the homosexual agenda in the name of tolerance, but the minute someone speaks up with what would be considered the traditional moral-values viewpoint, the tolerance disappears and it results in a termination.”

and the “1984” Oscar in the above case goes to…

On Jan. 31 Barber was called into a meeting with two human resources officials, one of whom Barber says “slapped down” a printed copy of the column in front of him and asked if he had written it.

Recognizing the piece, Barber confirmed he had written it on his own time, at his home and on his own computer. Barber claims he was told, “Here at Allstate we have a very diverse community.”

Then he was fired.

Ah, the beautiful diversity of a totalitarian, dogmatic pro-homo company. It’s so diverse that if you attempt to think in a non-dogmatic way, you’re out the door. That’s to ensure a diverse diversity.

Heil, Allstate diversity!

updated June 29-2005

From Different River, something I had completely forgotten, but which illustrates so perfectly how unethical these pro-homo companies are:

In the 19th century, it was considered acceptable to fire employees for “not voting right.” In the 20th century, this became unacceptable. In the second half of the 20th century it also became unacceptable to fire employees, or discriminate in hiring, because of their race, gender, or religious or politicl beliefs.

It seems they are turning back the clock – it is becoming acceptable, even mandatory, for companies to discriminate on the basis of religious or political beliefs.

Only now, discrimination is called “tolerance” and “diversity.”


I had heard about this before, but for some “who knows what” reason, didn’t try it. After seeing an interview with Skype‘s inventor yesterday, I am dying to try it, specially for overseas calls… imagine, chatting for hours and hours for free…


I’ll post how it goes later.

From the Telegraph – By David Blair in Abuja

The scale of the task facing Tony Blair in his drive to help Africa was laid bare yesterday when it emerged that Nigeria’s past rulers stole or misused £220 billion.

That is as much as all the western aid given to Africa in almost four decades. The looting of Africa’s most populous country amounted to a sum equivalent to 300 years of British aid for the continent.

Gordon Brown, the Chancellor, has spoken of a new Marshall Plan for Africa. But Nigeria’s rulers have already pocketed the equivalent of six Marshall Plans. After that mass theft, two thirds of the country’s 130 million people – one in seven of the total African population – live in abject poverty, a third is illiterate and 40 per cent have no safe water supply.
Former leader Gen Sani Abacha stole between £1bn and £3bn.

Although dictators and rulers who do this stuff deserve to be hanged, there is no way such vasts amounts of money can be “stollen” without full knowledge and complicity from donor agencies/govts/banks. The system is all corrupt.

Why can’t humans manage to be something other than such pests?

Although the background prevents any grand illusions, this photographic angle makes it look like a sci-fi vehicle, not like something real of our world.

Le Figaro

-Le Japon dans la course au train le plus rapide du monde:
La compagnie ferroviaire japonaise JR East a présenté ce matin le prototype d’un nouveau Shinkansen (train à grande vitesse) qui, si les essais s’avèrent concluants, sera le train le plus rapide du monde avec une vitesse de 360 km/h en régime d’exploitation commerciale.

A means of transportation we need more of everywhere.

from L’Impartial

Plus de 20 000 personnes à Stonehenge pour le solstice d’été

LONDRES – Plus de 20 000 personnes se sont rassemblées devant les pierres levées de Stonehenge, en Angleterre, pour contempler le lever du soleil du jour le plus long de l’année. Acclamations et cris ont accueilli l’apparition de l’astre à 04h58 (05h58 suisse).

Au son de tambours qui avaient rythmé les festivités de la nuit, des druides, hippies, adeptes du New Age ou de simples touristes ont célébré le solstice d’été, comme le veut désormais la tradition sur ce site de l’ère pré-chrétienne.

It must be a gorgeous sight. And, of course, it couldn’t be all complete without your new age guzzlers…

Selon la police locale, la fête qui avait été organisée pendant la nuit s’est déroulée sans incident majeur, et seules six personnes ont été arrêtées, la plupart pour excès de consommation d’alcool.

They probably went there by mistake, having misread “Stonedhenge” in their tourist guidebook…


Javajive has another beauty up:

I love the color and the peace.

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