War of the Worlds conquers US box office

War of the Worlds invaded the US box office at the weekend, storming the number one slot with an awesome $101.7m (£57.7m) haul

I never understood the big fuss with Spielberg. What I hate about almost all his movies is that they often have a “B” level television script, with highly inane characters, but they are made in such a glossy way, and with plots that appeal to the contented hordes, that they become these enormous box office hits. There’s a kind of a fast-food stupid taste to them: “wrap’em and deal’em out, they’ll gobble it all up, and ask for a super-size, as long as the wrapping is glossy and there’s a gift toy inside.” During and after watching his movies, there’s that frustrating feeling of when you go to a glitzy restaurant and the food comes and it tastes somewhat bland for the place you are in. And you know the management is expecting you to just eat it and be content, even though you have better taste and are being cheated of that taste.

In his family movies (like ET or the Jurassics), Spielberg’s character are never very sweet or endearing, they have a junk-food sweetness quality. They are sweet or cute, but always below the bar. Profound dramatic voids are cosmetically hidden with fast action and glittering sets. The message is positive, but not eternal. Drama escalates, but only because it’s propped up with a lot of action.

He has worked with different genres, and attained different quality levels individually with his flicks. You can’t say Spielberg’s movies are bad, horrible, and really trash them, but they are so irritating exactly because they are a counterfeit magnificent. The fact that they get all the accolades and the addulating hype as if they truly were magnificent only makes him and his movies entirely annoying.

I also don’t understand why people are so content with these stupid “the world is coming to an end” disaster plots. Will there be no end to Hollywood churning them out one after another?

When I hear something like this (“awesome $101.7m box office for a stupid Spielberg disaster movie”), I feel like the world is filled with swarms of sick puppies and morons. And, what’s worse, I am completely surrounded by such moronic hordes. Needless to say, I wish the world could be slightly entirely different.

“War of the Worlds” will be partially watched on television by me (thanks to channel surfing to save me from extreme boredom). Just like I did with a recent Jurassic sequel.

Look, just found what seems like a well-written review. Toldj’ya. 🙂

And what about this? Isn’t this cheap of Spielberg and Paramount/DreamWorks Pictures? “If anyone but Spielberg had directed this, “War of the Worlds” would have received an R rating instead of a PG-13. So let me give you the warning the MPAA won’t: Don’t bring your kids unless you want them to have nightmares for the rest of the summer.

The review adds:

The film’s structure is downbeat, too. It recalls “Apocalypse Now” of all things (although the title fits). The plot is essentially a series of random encounters with other survivors as Ray and his kids outrun the aliens. As in “Apocalypse Now” these episodes – with a callous TV news crew, with a mob that riots over Ray’s van, with a doomed National Guard unit and finally with Robbins’ mad survivalist – underscore the absurdity and cruelty of human nature.

Although Spielberg introduces Ray as a deadbeat dad who must learn responsible parenting under extreme circumstances, the real theme here is raw survival. In the name of protecting his children, Ray’s actions can range from the callous to the unspeakable.

This brand of nihilism has been creeping into Spielberg’s films since “Schindler’s List.” Look at “Saving Private Ryan,” where the only members of Tom Hanks’ squad to survive were the coward and the selfish jerk.

This pessimism might be bearable if Spielberg took it somewhere instead of the abrupt ending and absurdly upbeat final shot. Spielberg pushes the plot forward with brute force for the first hour then stops it cold with the farmhouse sequence. Here is where Cruise and Fanning meet Robbins’ character, and the three are trapped in a partially flooded basement for 30 minutes of screen time.

Of all the great directors, only Spielberg can make you feel you are living the same terrible events as his characters. “War of the Worlds” may be the most efficiently built engine of escalating terror you will ever encounter. But Spielberg’s technique serves no purpose this time except the visceral. “War of the Worlds” has a plot, but little story.

After reading this review two hypotheses come up. Spielberg just wanted more green in his bank account and he used a formula that he knows will achieve that without caring that the movie itself lacks quality in meaning. Spielberg is trying to make a commentary about society. Both?