And in the category of pearls of self-knowledge we simply cannot live without, we bring you:

The Amazing, Fantastic “Which Ocean Liner Are You?” Test

I took this test for posterity. The test very truthfully revealed that I am, obviously…


Your ship is 92% opulence, 52% speed, and 54% popularity.

WHO YOU ARE: Normandie, French ship, active 1935-39. You’re the apotheosis of the ocean liner. [I’m modest…]

You’re the biggest, the fastest (for a while), and certainly the most luxurious ship ever built. Your accommodations shimmer with gilded Art Deco opulence. All your passengers are famous, glamorous people in gowns and dinner jackets. [of course…]

Your first class dining hall is the best restaurant in the world, on or off shore. You are everything beautiful and powerful. There will never be another like you. [I know…]

HOW YOU’LL DIE: [What? Die?!?! What about my immortal charm?]

Trapped in New York at the outbreak of World War II, you’ll be requisitioned by the U.S. Navy and turned into a troopship. But before the conversion is complete, a massive fire breaks out and destroys you from stem to stern. [ARgghhh!!! ]

Eventually you’re cut up for scrap iron.

[What infamy!


How do I compare with other test takers?

How you compared to other people your age and gender:

You scored higher than 99% on opulence

Only 99% higher on opulence, eh? Need to find me a …

If only intelligent, wonderful, eligible ones existed…


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