from Fractured Memories, Onkroes talks about how he likes to read:

Odd thing this – I always read the last few pages of a book before I read the book itself. Why? I probably don’t know the real reason, but I’ve always rationalised it to myself as this; if it’s got a good ending, then I know it’s probably worth reading, because if it’s got a good ending then it’s probably good too, but even if it’s bad the good ending will probably make up for it. And if it’s got a bad ending then it’s probably not worth reading because it’s probably bad too, but even if it’s good, it’ll be ruined by the ending. Maybe it’s because I just don’t like to venture into a journey without knowing the ending in advance, ‘risk averse’ nature showing through again perhaps.

That’s so funny! (in the intriguing sense). I’m the total opposite!!! I can’t stand if I have the plot spoiled, specially the ending, I will die if I know it in advance, and although it rarely happens, I may not want to read the book. And usually when you are 3/4 already into any book, the main plot has been laid out and it’s just that unbearable treading and slow grinding of reading until the end when you will have the book’s conclusion, but even so.. I die, but I NEVER peek 😀

Not so with movies. Most movies I never go to see without reading several reviews, which is different than knowing the ending, but still sometimes all the reviews added together will give me several plot details. I hate going to any movie that I don’t find interesting and by reading several reviews I usually have the necessary clues if the movie is the type I will enjoy or not.