This is a tremendously cool idea – to make 3D interactive virtual environments of ancient or older touristic sites and offer it to tourists. I always do this in my head anyways when visiting castles, fortresses, and old towns. Everywhere I look, I mentally “paint” in the people with gowns and all the royal dresses and the place comes alive for me.

An equally interesting idea, as the computer generated one, and that would probably cost a lot less is just to populate these famous sites with real people, actors, who are all dressed up in the time period clothes.

Can you imagine going to Versailles and seeing 20 dressed up royals including the King and Queen? Much more interesting than just looking at the walls and furniture.

The tourism industry which will reap billions with my idea (if implanted) could at least thank me for it. Where is their imagination?

Pompeii gets digital make-over

Visitors would have to wear a head-mounted display.

The old-fashioned audio tour of historical places could soon be replaced with computer-generated images that bring the site to life.

A European Union-funded project is looking at providing tourists with computer-augmented versions of archaeological attractions.

It would allow visitors a glimpse of life as it was originally lived in places such as Pompeii.

It could pave the way for a new form of cultural tourism.

There are so many cool things to do with tourism and museums. That is one of my dream careers that I will probably never dab in, but have fun imagining it.