Just heard it. Very nice. It has some really captivating moves/moments for the violin.

Symphonie Espagnole

From Wikipedia:

The Symphonie Espagnole is a piece for violin and orchestra by Edouard Lalo, his opus 21 in D minor. Written in 1874 for violinist Pablo de Sarasate, it was premiered in Paris, France in February of 1875. Though officially a symphony (the name translates into “Spanish Symphony”), it is considered a concerto for violin by musicians today.

The piece has Spanish themes throughout, and introduced a period when Spanish-sounding music was popular (George Bizet’s Carmen premiered a month after Symphonie Espagnole premiered). The Symphonie Espagnole is considered one of Lalo’s most famous works, the other being his cello concerto.

Édouard Victoire Antoine Lalo (January 27, 1823 – April 22, 1892) was a French composer of Spanish descent.

He was born in Lille, France and studied at the conservatoire, and then at the Paris Conservatoire under François Antoine Habeneck. He worked as a violinist (particularly playing chamber music) and teacher in Paris before gaining fame as a composer. He died in Paris.

Although Lalo is a lesser known 19th-century composer, his Symphonie Espagnole for violin and orchestra enjoys a prominent place in violinists’ repertoire. He is also known for other solo works, including his Cello Concerto in D minor, and for his opera “Le roi d’Ys” (premiered 1888). His work is notable for strong melodies and colourful orchestration.