Funny post on Bonglish:

Many Bengalis do have a problem pronouncing English vowels. Cheek very often becomes chik.”Konkona has red chiks”. Swimmingpool becomes sweemingpull and Sen becomes Shane. So they end up saying, “Are you going to the sweemimgpull Shane?”.

There is a story of one Mr Bannerjee who visited the TISCO plant in Jamshedpur many years ago.He was taken around the plant by one Mr.Chatterjee who asked him whether he knew metaalurjee(metallurgy). He replied,”No,I am Banerjee”. Then Bannerjee asked Chatterjee,”so,you makes still here?”.”Yes,we make stiill here”.”Do you make still in small pieces”.”No,we make them still in long shits(sheets).

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