From JavaJive – This above is from a “haze” pollution problem in Malaysia (which I had never heard of before).

At first glance, I thought it was humorous, almost a joke, like one of those “weirdos of the world” picture and news. Then, sparks flew and the serious thought about having an air filter or pure oxygen/air alternative in a mass delivered, commercially available format came to mind.

I also live in a horribly polluted area. If you walk or drive in the worst areas, the stench is unbelievable, the intensity of the carbon monoxide often makes you literally noxious when out on the streets. So couldn’t cars/homes have something similar to what this guy did? We have bottled water, bottled food, bottled gas/electricity, why can’t we have bottled air?

I’ve seen pictures of those trendy bars/lounges where people sit around breathing some oxygen tube. But that’s not practical. I’m talking about something that you could put in your home or vehicle. It would either help filter out some of the air pollutants or it would deliver to you cleaner air/oxygen and get mixed with the polluted air, so in the end you had a less polluted mix.

As you can see, I understand nothing of air quality problems, components, filtering systems, etc.