OK, one of the few times I actually liked one of these blog tag “games.”

From Chickenlittle and Onkroes:

id-•i-•o-•syn-•cra-•sy – a structural or behavioral characteristic peculiar to an individual or group. Write down 5 of your own idiosyncrasies, then if you wish, tag 5 people.

1) I have two kitchen sponges, one to wash dishes and one to clean counters, appliances, etc. And I can’t stand if people take the counter sponge and use on dishes (or when they just have one sponge and wipe everything with it)! Argh, all that (imaginary?) yuck going onto your dishes.

2) I will take a straw (for a drink) from a container and turn it around before putting it in my drink, the idea being if someone before me with real dirty hands came and smeared all their yuck on a bunch of straws when they went to pluck theirs, I won’t touch it with my lips! :-DDD how paranoid this sounds…

3) I have now started to listen to radio music and a lot of tv programs together, and I keep switching my attention to either one, depending which one gets more boring or interesting.

4) I would also rather die than use someone else’s toothbrush.

5) I can’t stand my keyboard or mouse to be dirty, but much more horrible is to have to use someone else’s sticky keyboard. One time I cringed when I was asked to use the putrid black-smeared keyboard of the president (no less!) of a company I worked for in the past. As soon as I finished doing what he asked, I excused myself and went running to the restroom to wash my hands!! Arggggghh. That was awful.