Following-up my previous post on Katrina’s name (copying here part of my comments to Q).

QKL left an interesting link to the National Weather Service hurricane name page.

Thanks for the link, I had never heard of this list before! The last thing I saw about such names (a couple of years ago) was that some women complained all (most?) natural disaster phenomena were being given female names, then the turnip heads in metereology had the bright idea to split names 50-50, male/female. I guess some of those guys have too many marriage problems 🙂

But just scanning this list you linked to, look at this:
Debby, Vicky, Rose!

I mean, really, Hurricane Debby? Hurricane Rose??

Those are names for a spring shower…

I don’t doubt what they say about shorter names being easier to remember, bla bla, but after you hear a name lots of times, it just sinks in. Why not use Greek mythology names, or something more powerful and less dandy.

Also, lots of non-English names. If the Hurricane Center is American, why do they want to use so many non-American (meaning non-anglo/non-English names)?

I am surprised there is no Hurricane Chirac yet 😉