I hate New Year’s! I hate how everyone goes around like cauliflower brains
regurgitating “Happy New Year” to everyone else! Happy New Year, Happy New Year, ugh!I like Xmas more or less (it really depends on whom I get to spend it with), but I can’t stomach New Year’s.

And it’s not that I don’t want to wish my friends good things, I just hate
the artificiality of the whole Happy New Year thing. It’s just the same time continuum, and there’s nothing new. 😛

Although I did have a most magnificent good news and gift right at the
beginning of this not-new-just-a-continuation-of-last year, but my great gift has gone under the deluge of stupid things from last year, so I have been in a mostly crabby mood for the past week. :-
So how were your end of the year holidays?

I haven’t had time to blog, because my life is simply chaotic and I am obliged to just keep just rolling with an avanlanche of punches.

But I am still here, and if all goes well, I will be able to throw at least
one punch back in the coming year, actually, make that a bunch of punches! 🙂

My access to computers is still limited (ugh!) so blogging will have to wait…

“wait and wait in Casablanca…”