I hate Umberto Eco because he is so doted with fame at the same time that I think his plots, and specially the Name of the Rose, are mediocre.

So it was weird to read this about him, I would have expected him to be much more decadent than it appears.

Post-Christianity and Its Discontents: Richard John Neuhaus flags an interesting essay by Umberto Eco, lamenting how with the waning of Christianity, the religious space in the Western mind has been filled by “a plethora of new idols . . . from strange pagan cults and sects to the silly, sub-Christian superstitions of The Da Vinci Code.”

Eco is, by his own description, an ex-Catholic of the Stephen Dedalus variety – an agnostic who wonders, watching the follies of post-Christian religion, “what kind of liberation would that be to forsake an absurdity which is logical and coherent and to embrace one which is illogical and incoherent?” Along with Orianna Fallaci and Jurgen Habermas, he embodies a kind of old-fashioned European intellectualism that, having dispensed with Christian belief, finds itself staring into the post-Christian future, and misliking what it sees. Not that the history of “Christian civilization” isn’t filled with enough darkness and folly to confirm every anti-Christian prejudice. It’s just that there’s reason to suspect that a civilization without Christianity might be even worse.

Suspect? Just look at porn and see how diseased our world is.

Or if you would care to look at my department, not much difference, I am afraid. Which is why I am desperately running against time to find another one for next year, even though most official deadlines have passed. I had the detestable experience of having, out of 5 women professors, 4 being lesbians or bisexuals, all of which go after their female students and bother them with their shitty lesbian obsessions. It is an academic pigsty, people with no ethics, principles, or morals. (it is not in the US, btw, but in a degenerate liberal country). It seems the homo mafia, once it gets into academia, starts choosing professors on the basis of their dysfunctional sexuality, and keeping healthy (meaning heterosexual) women out. The male professors in my dept seem to be more decent and not having homosexuality problems.

The first thing I do right now, in looking for my next department, is to look at the ratio of women vs. men professors. If there are more women, I usually just chuck it and go onto to look for another one. We need to clean up academia, just purge it of this garbage of women.