You know, I usually find myself in a frustrated dialectic state when I blog.

I would like to write (meaning to make my criticisms, reflections, comments) on a level such as the American Scene (meaning that it is carefully written, like a cultural magazine level, but… I would like to have that magically happen as when I simply write things quite spontaneously, typing rapidly so that my fingers are trying to catch up to the speed of my thoughts as they are verbalized in my head, even though I can’t type that fast. But that’s just to show, that I like to write spontaneously, just as if I were having a conservation.
But then I reread my text and it sounds terrible or so plain. And if I want to get it up to a higher level, it takes work. And I don’t blog as one more chore, because I am already suffering and stressed out from too much overwhelming types of demands and work.

I took the example of the American Scene as to their writing style, not the content, which I quite often detest, given how (mostly) pro-homosexual and sexist they are. But, when they manage not to be so, they can be quite insightful.