So today I went out with an acquaintance who has one of those GPS map gadgets in their car. (actually it’s portable – you can take it along with you). Anyways, I find it very funny how humans create all this sophisticated technology and then other very primitive or otherwise uncontrollable phonomena takes over and botches up everything. Perhaps because I have always been too poor to own one of these “luxury” items, and I have always had to rely on (inexpensive and primitive ) paper maps or my own (not bad) sense of direction, I got a nice kick of seeing the last two people I rode with get lost with a GPS system. I noticed a similarity with these two people, they concentrate on looking at the little GPS screen to guide them and they don’t pay any attention to what they are doing or going (that is, they stop using their own internal “GPS” or direction appraisal and detection). Then, if the GPS direction is not very clear, or for a moment, they stop looking at the screen, bingo! They get totally lost – hahahah

The first guy was a pompous top exec, and for other reasons, a detestable filthy minded piece of trash, his equally filthy minded wife riding next to him, I was in the back seat. And it was to nice to see the arrogant pig driving this big SUV with all the gadgets one can possibly imagine, get totally lost. We were driving up a mountain side, very narrow road and the filthy moron took a wrong direction and almost managed to put the SUV on a tiny street where he couldn’t maneuver his mamoth vehicle.

Today’s moron was not as bad ( or maybe he was), in any case, left a lot to be desired as well. But his case was that he probably could not walk even a block without getting lost, given how air-headed he was. And the other funny moment came when there was no GPS signal and then he had absolutely no sense of where he was driving at all. I, who had never driven through the area (although I had used some public transportation), kept giving him directions on which streets to turn by using simple natural sense of 90 degree angles!!

It reminds me of the effect that a calculator has made on many people, that is, they are no longer able to perform even the most basic 1 or 2 digit operations and must solely rely on the gadget to do it for them.

I felt very superior today!!! hahahha I am so naturally gifted… ;-))) what is a GPS system compared to me – heheh