So I need to contact this potential PhD prof/advisor and I have been advised to initiate contact with potential PhD advisors by checking out at least one of their publications and write an initial email ctc by mentioning something interesting regarding one of their publications and the irritating professor does not have a single published article online! and this is a tech related prof!! Christ. It is all on Jurassic paper journal form, which will take a bunch of precious time to look up, to even order if necessary, for me to just mention something idiotic on my email. Hello! The world is moving online now. Paper is for dead generations. Deadlines cannot wait for Jurassic techno problems to interfere with my reading of some prof’s publications. I am very very interested in this University. Please PDF at least 3 of said professors papers now. :-/ Alessandra, the Queen, has commanded 🙂

Guess my subjects are not paying too much attention to my orders these days… 😉