Tech giants Intel, Motorola, Nokia, Texas Instruments, and Modeo formed an organization on Monday to promote a standard for broadcasting digital TV on mobile devices.

This is cool. The TV cell phones I’ve seen seem very interesting (obviously out of my budget), and they are just the beginning. I look forward to some very cool technical developments that I am sure will come our way regarding such technology and equipment.

I think the hardest question the industry will have to decide on is what size to make the screens? 😉 It seems they are making cell phones smaller and smaller with each passing day, at the same time that they want to put more functionalities and couple devices onto them. The non-TV cell phones are just miniscule nowadays. I never understood why other people are so fond of such smallness. It’s true that you can put it (almost) anywhere, so very portable, but to me having a bigger screen, and just bigger overall gadget is more user-friendly.

I have, at the moment, one of the most basic cell phones available, and it has a ton of extra functionalities, such as alarm clock and all that, which I find very convenient. The only big problem with it is that the volume, even when turned onto the maximum level, is really low. So I keep missing calls because I can’t hear the phone is ringing if I am in a crowded or noisy environment. :-/ So, whenever I am out and about now, I am trying to make it habit to carry the cell phone in my pocket and just hold it there with my hand in my pocket. That way, if it rings, it will vibrate as well, and I will know.