Light Sentence for Child Molester Leaves Vermont Judge Under Fire

BURLINGTON, Vt. — A controversial ruling for a sex offender in Vermont was changed Thursday from 60 days to 3 to 10 years after a judge received pressure to extend the punishment.

When Judge Edward Cashman sentenced Mark Hulett, 34, to 60 days in prison for sexually abusing a child, he said he wanted to make sure the man got treatment that would be available while he was behind bars.

Ever since, he’s been vilified by television commentators, bloggers and even the governor who say he was too light on the crime.

On Thursday, the case was back in court, and state prosecutors persuaded Cashman to reconsider the sentence. Prosecutor Robert Simpson argued in court papers that a 60-day jail term wasn’t nearly enough.

“This court’s sentence must consider and include punishment for the defendant’s action in repeatedly sexually assaulting this child,” Simpson said.

Hulett had pleaded guilty to charges that he had sexual contact with a girl during a four-year period beginning when she was 6.

At his first sentencing, Cashman said the best way to ensure public safety was to get Hulett out of prison so he could receive sex offender treatment. Because the Corrections Department concluded that Hulett wasn’t likely to reoffend, he wouldn’t be eligible to receive sex-offender treatment until he reached the end of his jail term.


Did anyone notice that, at least as reported, the judge has no EMPATHY whatsoever for the little girl? A 6 year old is horribly vulnerable to violence. All the judge seems to be concerned with is giving the pedo monster “the best treatment.”

What is this guy doing sitting in a court bench? 60 days for 4 years of abuse is a criminal act. It makes you wonder why he coddles the abuser so much…


and here is O’Reilly (fantastically ) at it –the video is great if you can watch):

High Noon in Vermont
Thursday, January 26, 2006
By Bill O’Reilly

High noon in Vermont: that is the subject of this evening’s “Talking Point’s Memo”.

Tomorrow, Judge Edward Cashman gets a final chance to right an incredible wrong. As you may know, Cashman sentenced a guy, who raped a 6- year-old girl over a four-year period, to 60 days because the may, Mark Hulett could not get rehab in jail.

Well, the state of Vermont now says it will provide in-prison rehab for Hulett and has asked Cashman to reconsider his incredibly lenient sentence.

There is no question the little girl’s human rights have been violated by that sentence, even as she was violated by Hulett. So where is Human Rights Watch on this? Where is the ACLU, the National Organization for Women, the liberal media?

Well, in the liberal media category, some of them are attacking me and FOX News. Here’s a sample of the discourse on Vermont public television.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I could not believe that a week after this sentencing, the state of Vermont is being trashed on FOX News network. There have been 20,000 calls and e-mails to the governor’s office. And the governor of Vermont has even not looked at the file. That’s a public file that has the affidavit of the investigating officer. Everything you’d want to know.

It boggles my mind that the facts have been valued so little by the governor of Vermont, all the way to this O’Reilly jerk on FOX.


OK, well, he’s a moron. And that kind of insanity must be confronted by the good people of Vermont.

While Democrats in the legislature continue to protect Judge Cashman from a vote on his dismal performance, some republicans, led by GOP leader Peg Florry (ph), are beginning to step up and demand tough mandatory sentences for child predators.

Right now, Vermont has no mandatory prison terms at all for child rapists, which is why Cashman can do what he did. Vermont’s Republican governor, Jim Douglas, however, continues to be a profile in weakness. The governor should be looking out for the little girl. He is not.

So the stage is now set for Judge Cashman’s decision tomorrow. FOX News will be there in force. We are not going to let this story dissolve.

Every American should be angry, frustrated and fed up. Little girls are U.S. citizens, too. They have rights, too.

The judge who puts the needs of a child rapist above justice for the rape victim does not deserve sit in any American courtroom. Cashman has one final chance to right this wrong. We hope it happens tomorrow.