– French fromage blanc is one of the most delicious foods ever invented on Earth. If you don’t know what it is, to me at least, it’s not cheese, it lies inbetween white cheese and yogurt, and is simply light and delicious. The French do the mistake of adding jam to it, obviously they don’t know that fromage blanc is best plain or with non-sweet things. It’s sumptious over Muesli.

– French chocolate is also very good and you can find numerous variations of it, in the supermarket there is a whole aisle just dedicated to different chocolate bars, not to mention candies and other chocolate sweets. And you can find quite a few that are cheap but still quite good.

– Good French bread is expensive, so I just buy the baguette. Not bad, but I like stocky wholewheat type of breads and other variations which are too expensive at the moment.

– I also tried goat cheese, which I didn’t like that much, although the French think it is quite special.

On the whole though, I find amazing how slender French people are, given all the chocolate and croissants, and the butter, cream, etc that they love to cook everything with. I once read a hillarious article asking exactly, “where do all the croissants go?” I still don’t know the answer, I constantly see a majority of perked-up, slender people, along with a lovely abundance of blue eyes of every tonality you can imagine.