– According to survey findings released last fall by Harris Interactive, Inc., men and women differ in their views about the effects and possible regulation of pornography.

A Harris Poll in September 2004 revealed women to be much more critical of pornography, in general, than men. At the same time, a slightly larger number of women over men favor government regulation of online pornography, if such were possible. Specifically, 57 percent of women believe “pornography is demeaning towards women” as compared to 38 percent of men. In addition, 47 percent of women and 33 percent of men believe porn “harms relationships between men and women.”

While there was no unanimity regarding the impact of pornography on children, both men and women agreed the effects were mostly negative. Only 2 percent said “it helps kids better understand sexuality.”

Males and females share a similar view regarding the regulation of Internet pornography for the sake of children, although there is still an obvious difference among the sexes. For example, 42 percent of those polled believe the government should “regulate Internet pornography specifically so that children cannot access X-rated material online.” Broken down by sexes, 53 percent of women and 30 percent of men prefer such a policy.

It’s too bad they also don’t give us the stats regarding liberals and conservatives on this. I bet the 2 percent who said “porn helps kids better understand sexuality” are all pro-homosexual.

‘Specifically, 57 percent of women believe “pornography is demeaning towards women”‘ leaves 43 percent who either believe porn is NOT demeaning towards women or who don’t know if the content between their ears is best described as turnips or lard.

43 is a lot! Not that much if you take into account the degree of stupidity in society, but a lot if you wished you didn’t live in a pigsty.

I also wonder how many people can only see porn as demeaning as it refers to women, and not men as well?

Anyways, without education the pigsty will only produce and consume more and more pornograhy.