Along the lines of a lot that I also think: ‘Brokeback Mountain’: Rape of the Marlboro Man – Exclusive: David Kupelian exposes hidden agenda behind ‘gay cowboy’ movie

Which begs the question – why don’t these churches with gazillions of dollars (or the conservative multi-billionaires) fund some movies that unmask the issues with Brokeback Mountain and other destructive Hollywood productions?

(heh – I just thought of what it should have been called: Homo on the Range…)

Update feb 03 2006

What are the Hollywood 007 directors up to when they are not making homo cowboy movies?

From ACE – comment thread:

“You are homophobic?!? Ask yourself this question… if the movie was Brokeback Cowgirl starring Jessica Simpson and Scarlett Johanson, would you see it? If the answer is yes, then you must not be homophobic.”

It just goes to show that what profoundly sexist guys call their “enlightened and progressive” acceptance of homosexuality is nothing but a recent variation of very retrograde and demeaning sexism: sexually objectifying women to the fullest. First it was treating women like trash with other men, then with other women, then with animals, other kinky and violent stuff, etc. Same trash, slightly different mode.

It’s not about homosexuality, it’s about how sexist some heterosexual men are.