I had my blood pressure taken on Friday and it was low. It usually is very, very steady and slightly low (11). On Friday it was 10, which for me is low. It’s certainly not because of any lack of salt in my diet, because no one eats more salt than I do. Food without salt is simply not worth eating, it’s so horrible. Also, through some web surfing yesterday and readings on blood pressure, I saw that drinking coffee can also help to raise your blood pressure a little. Good, because I am getting my fill of coffee and lovely (caffeinated) tea.

I have been awfully tired. I am under so much stress and facing so much unpleasant circumstances and obstacles, that I had reasoned they were the cause of all my fatigue and all I could do was rest as best as I could. The doctor asked me if I hadn’t been feeling tired, but since I had absolutely no wish to talk about the problems I am facing to a complete stranger who was asking perfunctory medical diagnosis questions, I answered, “No, I haven’t been tired, everything is fine.” Ha! Right. “You just can’t imagine just how dandy,” I could have added for that touch of, “Is there any justice in the world?


But I will try to get my blood pressure checked again today, because I am feeling so tired. Still, it feels like a very emotional type of tiredness, like a thick cloud that sets over and inside you. But maybe a little bit of it could be on account of the blood pressure as well. I am just down today. Even though I may be getting some good news in the next two weeks, one more obstacle hopefully passed, I have such an unhappy feeling today. I am so tired of having to work in horrible circumstances, so much stress and pressure, loneliness, and having to live in a pigsty of a society.