I am getting some clues that French society is really a lot more violent in the personal and sexual sphere than the official stats show. I had always been curious as to why several countries in Europe show much lower numbers for rapes and child abuse and other such crimes than the United States.

It seems that part of the explanation might lie in how much in denial and how unprofessional the French people who gather the stats are, and consequently their data gathering is very faulty. (Add to that the fact that French society as a whole are a bunch of vacuum heads regarding these issues – retrograde ignoramuses with heavy doses of slimy liberalism.)

I would venture many issues in the administration of such problems in France are similar to how pro-homos lie about violence perpetrated by homos and bisexuals. First they deny it happens, then they do everything to cover it up and dillute it, then they serve the remaining data that they couldn’t possibly mask and do away with as “here’s all the truth and nothing but.”

It seems French society is as eager to face it’s putrid dysfunctional personal aspects as pro-homos are.