Oohoo – look at what the slime has to say now – he asks publicly that his wife forgive him for hiring 2 homo hookers for 6 months:

“If I’ve learnt nothing else in the last 10 days, it’s that my personal life and my family life is the most important thing and I regret not getting the balance right over the last four years as I should have from time to time.”

Don’t we know, and if he hadn’t been dragged from his private sewer into the limelight of public attention, not only would he have continued his little homo trash life, but probably would have expanded it to underage boys excitement.

If she says yes, then to me, at least, I begin to seriously question that she didn’t know what kind of a husband she had. “Innocent” naive wives is always somewhat suspicious with homo-obsessed liberals.

The greedy little biseuxal vermin just wants his political career to swing back into escalating. “oh my family life is so important to me…”