I had seen this in the news and passed by blogging it at first, but here it is:

Stating that “homosexual behaviour endangers the survival of humanity” and that “heterosexuality is morally superior to homosexuality” can cost you dearly in France. Exactly these opinions, expressed by the French politician Christian Vanneste last year, led to him being sentenced on Tuesday to payment of a heavy fine.

A court in Lille … ruled that Mr Vanneste has to pay a fine of 3,000 euro plus 3,000 euro in damages to each of the three gay organisations that had taken him to court. The politician, a member of the French National Assembly for the governing UMP, also has to pay for the verdict to be published in the leftist Parisian newspaper Le Monde, the regional Lille daily La Voix du Nord, and the weekly magazine L’Express….

Tuesday’s verdict is the first conviction on the basis of the French anti-homophobia bill of 30 December 2004 ….

Completely on-target – from comments above:

This proves the point Tom Sowell made a while ago that the point of the “gay rights” movement is not so much to gain “rights” for gays as it is to deprive anyone of the right to object to homosexuality.

Notice there isn’t even the use of any insulting words here – it’s all thought control.

Meanwhile women are insulted all the time in France and homos sexually harass others in every part of French society.