It’s been a dreary, difficult week.

But I hope that soon I will actually be able to work out a regular sports activities schedule all through my week which I miss terribly and that usually makes me feel better. And I found what seems to be a wonderful teacher to one of my most beloved hobbies. And I also think I had another good surprise, I thought a course was going to be too hard, but it seems it will be perfect for my skill level. Still waiting to hear if I can enroll.

But all of those good things didn’t weigh in very much. I had a really frustrating experience during the weekend. Someone I thought was cool, whom I had recently met and thought could turn out to be a nice friend, who is married, actually showed herself to be very liberal and not heterosexual and obsessed into thinking other woman must be some closeted homo like herself. This is one stinking pigsty of a society.