At the outset it should be observed that Epictetus (great stoic philosopher) holds out no false and alluring hopes to those who seek his instruction. There is no royal road to philosophy. The disciple must come prepared to “scorn delights, and live laborious days.” He must be willing to be laughed at and mocked.[72] Like an athlete, he must go into training. He should count the cost ere ever he enter the lists. For Epictetus wishes no half-hearted disciples. “You must watch, you must labor; overcome certain desires; quit your familiar friends, submit to be despised by your servant, to be held in derision by them that meet you , to take the lower place in all things, in office, in positions of authority, in courts of law. Weigh these things fully, and then, if you will, lay to your hand.”[73]

(by the way, related to Slavery in Rome entry – look at what wikipedia says:
Epictetus was eventually freed and lived a relatively hard life in ill health in Rome. It is known that he became crippled, owing to cruel treatment by his master, Epaphroditus, according to most reports.)