Lighting up a match in a room ful of kerosene

Navy Athlete Accused Of Rape

Medicare Backs Obesity Surgery

Although some insurers do not cover it, the number of people undergoing the procedures, which cost $25,000 to $40,000, has increased rapidly, jumping from about 16,000 operations in 1992 to an estimated 170,000 in 2005.

The increase is amazing. In other 10 years, will it reach a million people???

Modern society and its discontents.

With one-third of Americans obese, public health experts have become increasingly concerned about the long-term impact on the nation’s health. Despite numerous efforts to get Americans to eat better and exercise more, many people find it impossible to lose significant amounts of weight and keep it off, especially those who are extremely overweight.

And the whole world seems to be going in this direction. It’s sad.

Interesting to observe, though, that even with obesity rates skyrocketing as they are, and such a huge number of people being obese, they have not been able to change one iota the current drastic and inflexible thin model of beauty. Which is a complete contrast to how homosexuality is being driven down everyone’s throat in society, reshaping very distorted, dysfunctional (even violent) standards of behavior, thoughts, and attitudes as normal and good. It is clear, this “reshaping” is not something new, it is just old, dysfunctional sexism with a new face. (I need to copy here some of my recent comments at Ace’s to clarify). By the way, Ace and his commenters are going through one of their ugly, shallow periods right now, so I haven’t read much. And don’t feel like doing work right now (that is, searching for the threads I commented on that have to do with this).

Paul Marcinkus – dead [I have an impression that this guy just stank completely, criminally – if it is true, so sad that he got away with it]