Restroom’s gay review stirs the pot in Malden
By Matthew Keough/ Malden Observer

A gay Web site’s praise of bawdy bathroom behavior in Malden City Hall has sparked a tempest over the toilet.

The mayor is ordering the first-floor men’s room to remain open while city councilors want it locked up or a security plan put in place.

“The public needs these kinds of facilities and I don’t see the need of closing it,” said Malden Mayor Richard Howard, adding others are “overreacting” to the gay site.

An anonymous letter sent to the City Council alerted them to a five-star ranking on the Gay Universe site for male-on-male sexual encounters in the stalls.

The men’s room in Malden City Hall is the only municipal building listed, according to the site. It’s a desirable destination some politicians are determined to blot out.

“God forbid someone’s kids are in there when this is going on,” said Councilor John Furlong.

City Council President Michael T. Sheehan, in a letter faxed to the Herald, called on the mayor to present a “security plan” to protect those who need to use the bathroom if he intends to keep it open.

Frank Conway of the Government Center Commission, which oversees the bathrooms, said there have been arrests for trespassing and damage.

“I just hope we don’t have to hire a detail officer to stay down there,” he added.

And if guys out there don’t know this, please be aware that female locker rooms are not longer safe for heterosexual women thanks to the garbage of lesbiuns and bisexuals out there. Not regarding physical attack or aggression, usually, but regarding sexual harassment type behavior (looks, stares, body language, etc).

How long before we can clean up society of this trash of people?