I was going to copy here my favorite comments in this thread, but they just turned out to be so many, for so many reasons, it will take too much work. Great thread to read.

The nominated tune “It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp” from “Hustle & Flow” with music and lyric by Jordan Houston (“Juicy Jay”), Cedric Coleman (“Freysier Boy”) and Paul Beauregard (“Deejay Paul”) has, by my count, 10 repeated words which would not pass network clearances. They are “fuck,” “shit” and “niggaz.”

Producer Gil Cates says when he informed the trio that those words would have to be changed, they immediately told him they’d alter ’em. Meanwhile, Cates said “bitch” and “ho’s” are ok since they’re already heard on network shows.

What??!! Oh no! It seems the guy took down the entire comment thread. And I was going to go select all the great comments… not fair 🙂