brings up all these interesting topics in his blog and then doesn’t allow for comments.

Maybe the comment threads would just be flame-wars of opposing view-points, but then I haven’t seen too many problems like that in blogs lately. Mostly, I think groups have learned not to feed troll behavior and most people are not into just spitting out profanity and vulgarity for comments.

I prefer blogs that allow people to interact, otherwise, they become like reading “old-time” news. Mainstream news blogs usually are crap though, but that’s because the net is too wide usually. There are exceptions though, even in MSM. The Guardian, which opens up comments in some sections, is an example that even MSM can offer some threads which are interesting to read, even if just to see what are different people’s attitudes and “readings” of particular issues. I haven’t read too many threads, mainly because I don’t share their politics, but the comment threads don’t degenerate overall.