An August Zogby poll found that 85 percent of Americans self-identified as Christian. [much more than I expected!]

Approximately one-third of Christians are firmly in the camp of the religious right. Estimates vary, but many observers believe that another one-third can be regarded as members of the religious left. [Also more than I would think – that much?]

This book is not aiming for an audience that is primarily Jewish (one percent of the population) [definitely less than what I would have guessed!]

or secular (somewhere between 6 and 10 percent) but rather one composed of left-leaning Christians.

I also would have guessed many more people would define themselves as “secular.”

But Steven Waldman and John Green, writing in the January/February Atlantic Monthly, argue that the “religious left” is about 12 percent of the electorate, the largest segment of the “Blue” vote in the 2004 Presidential election, and “draws members from many Christian denominations.”

Seems more like it to me.