From a post at RightWingSparkle about a Massachusetts Rep. David Paul Linsky (D) who wants to do away with bestiality law prohibitions because they are together with homosexual ones.

Section 34. Whoever commits the abominable and detestable crime against nature, either with mankind or with a beast, shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison for not more than twenty years.


Get it? He wants that part repealed. As I said in the comment thread, Since Roe v. Wade, I never underestimate the darkness of man’s heart.


If that’s true, then he’s clearly crazy, and it won’t happen.

This is what people were saying a few decades ago regarding legalizing homosexuality or polygamy. Anyways, there are still lots of barriers, but these barriers were there for homosexuality, polygamy, and SM before. They are tumbling. Not that it means that every one will tumble, but who will be surprised if they did?

Regarding the sexuality propaganda vocab, it’s impossible not to notice how desperate many people are to use the euphemistic word “gay” for homosexuals today.

Obviously, bestiality sounds crude, so in the future, it will be “all encompassing loving creature sex” or something to that propaganda effect.

Then we will get the “it’s not any disease” chorus. And any who objects to bestiality desires will be deemed “filled of hate” or “phobic” or “sexually backwards.”

Then the bestial people wil get into academia (or come out of their bestial closet) and start using tons of public funds to publish their propaganda as science articles “proving” that people who practice bestiality are normal next-door neighbor types who do no harm to anyone, including the animals, which are all happy too! And they will form youth groups to make alliances in schools. And they will punish any therapist who proposes to help such people, because what is there to help, anyways? And it all wouldn’t be complete without the Pride parades, where these corageous folks will come out with their poodles and sheep and donkeys for the applause of “purgrassive” audiences.

plus all those other lame manipulative tactics to change perceptions and attitudes on sexuality from critical knowledge to submissive tolerance.