What we’ve never been able to tell you completely though is where Jackson’s third child, nicknamed Blanket, comes from. Sources confirm that his mother was selected from a book of egg donors supplied by Jackson’s physician. Jackson flipped through the book and selected the woman he thought was most appealing. Unlike wife Debbie Rowe, the anonymous woman is said to have been dark haired and Latina-looking, a la Penelope Cruz or Salma Hayek. Once she was chosen, a sperm donor was used to fertilize the egg. [btw, what kind of mental illness does one need to have to nickname a child “Blanket”?!!]

In other words, Blanket was literally “created” for Jackson. You’d think the pop star would have taken more care than to dangle the baby out of a window considering how much effort was involved in inventing him.

Michael has come to depend on Jermaine [his brother] in the months since his June 2005 acquittal. It was Jermaine who went to the United Arab Emirates country Bahrain and paved the way for Michael to move there and go into business with Prince Abdullah. Everything concerning the business of the last six months, Michael’s involvement there, etc, has been because of Jermaine.

Does this make you puke or what? And given that Jacko’s money can always find corruptible people willing to allow Jacko to carry out his diseased relationships with kids, can’t anyone just accidentally run a truck over the singing monster? As a favor to humanity, and principally to kids.