(New York City) Madonna says she had some explaining to do when her daughter, Lourdes, asked about that kiss with Britney Spears at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards.

“(Lourdes) is really obsessed with who is gay,” says Madonna in an interview in Out magazine’s April issue.

[well, given the sewer of a mother and the industry she works in, it would have been a surprise if a nine year-old actually obsessed over some healthy thought]

“And she even asked, ‘Mom, you know they say that you are gay?’ And I’m, ‘Oh, do they? Why?’ And she says, ‘Because you kissed Britney Spears.'”

“And I said, ‘No, it just means I kissed Britney Spears. I am the mommy pop star and she is the baby pop star. And I am kissing her to pass my energy on to her.”

[There are no bounds to just how repellent Madonna is. First the two female turds exploit the homo marketing aspect of the kiss to get that homo-obsessed, salivating liberal audience to rant and pant for them, and then she has the gall to tell her daughter it’s a mother kissing a baby girl. Totally incestuous idea as per how the whole kissing deal went. But what do diseased liberals care about respect for children or what is appropriate for them? ]

Madonna, 47, famously locked lips with Spears, 24, while performing her songs “Like a Virgin” and “Hollywood” at the awards ceremony.

The pop diva, considered by some to be an icon in the gay community, tells the magazine her 9-year-old daughter likes to guess who is gay: “Oh, and the other thing she likes to do when we go out, she says, ‘Mom, do you want me to point out who the gay men are?’ And I say, ‘Okay, but I think I already know.'”

That is what 9 year olds should be talking about at a restaurant. One would not be surprised if the next topic would be which kinds of sex acts the homos at the restaurant engage in.

The disgusting content of the above talk is not any different than the case of the father who took his boys out of a school because the conversation in the playground had turned to discussing how much it would hurt to have their penises cut out in order to turn into a “woman.” This, of course, after a transsexual retard insisted on teaching in that school after their sex-change operation. You look at the guy’s photo and it’s enough to see how messed up America is regarding sexuality nowadays.

Yeah, just look at the new “Lilly.” Complete cross-dresser weirdo. In the summer, he probably arranges his golden locks in pigtails with ribbons. I wouldn’t let kids next to a person with this face. He’s just messed up.