Gay Adoption Flap Signals Demise of First Amendment (scroll down, they don’t have a trackback link for this article)

However, in this case, the state isn’t denying anyone the right to adopt. Gay couples can go to any state agency and adopt a child, as thousands have done. In the case of the Catholic Charities, the private organization, they are simply applying the standards of morality that are inherent in their mission as a “Catholic” organization. If they do not have the religious freedom to operate under the tenets of their own faith, then no individual’s religious rights can be deemed safe in the state.

Evidently. As clear as sunlight. Like two plus two is four.

I was so surprised with this, and in even more so because it’s in Massachusetts!! This effort is what many American Catholic universities have never engaged in. Just about all “Catholic” universities are now Catholic-only-in-their-name intitutions, schools which are only Catholic in their dellusional fancies.

They have completely degenerated into liberal institutions while continuining to publicly dangle the Catholic label to look good, leeching on the marketing value of posing as “Catholic” to parents of potential students. Nowadays, one cannot tell the difference between the policies dictated by Catholic colleges and liberal ones regarding almost every issue concerning homosexuality. The two types of institutions have become indistinguishable. Apparently, school administrators at Catholic Universities failed to notice that the Catholic religion did not radically degenerate its precepts recently. Surely, they missed the Pope’s last communiqué. Certainly, they have not heard of a book called the Bible.

We can only conclude that Catholic schools have become the most hypocritical institutions possible. Well, I’m being unfair. I obviously forgot the Church herself, with her huge dishonest homosexual population of priests, bishops, and nuns, who love to trash the precepts of the religion they deceitfully intrude in, every single day of their lives.