My comment to an ACE post.

For a second there, my jaw dropped. What, a liberal actually acknowledging there were lots of homos in the SS and other fascist groups? And that they delighted in the carrying out the holocaust and other monstrous deeds? Could liberals be honest about just one aspect of how violent homos were/are? Came to the conclusion too soon.

What apparently was a brief moment of truth was nothing more than pro-homos sole explanation to all the problems in the world : the repression of homosexuality. A pro-homosexual’s incredibly bright mind follows this kind of logic :

If there were sadistic SS homos, it’s because their homosexuality was repressed. If there are homo murderers, it’s because those conservative meanies repress homosexuality. If there are fat homos, it’s because their homosexuality is being repressed. If homos abuse adolescents, it’s because their homosexuality is being repressed. If the syphilis rate is increasing among homos, it’s because society frowns upon homo saunas. If homos rape male victims, it’s because their sexuality is not accepted. If they prostitute boys, it’s because they are being repressed. If they are poor, if they flunk school, if they have a cold, it’s because of homosexual unacceptance. Every single violence problem that homos perpetrate can only be due to homosexuality not being completely legitimized and shoved down everyone’s throat.

Just a shoddy propaganda device to fool the plebs regarding how lacking in character and diseased are the minds of many homos and bisexuals, who, like their respective heterosexual criminals, have reasons much more complex and ignominious than repression of sexuality.

The thrust of the « blame everything on homosexual repression » argument is exactly analogous to the « blame everything on Bush » one. It is all Bush’s fault. Always. Everywhere. Forever.