I was reflecting yesterday about one specific type of propaganda device that is used by pro-homosexuals to exculpate homosexuals and bisexuals who perpetrate violence. Regarding this pro-homosexual propaganda device, the perpetrator is exonerated from having any responsibility for all of their violent and diseased behavior and the blame is shifted to the conservative society that does not accept and normalize homosexuality. This perception-altering device is the opposite of the scapegoating device, whereby the victim is blamed for whatever violence they suffered. The “exonerate the (homosexual) perpetrator” device promotes the “intolerance to my homosexuality made me do it” excuse, it made me rape, it made me abuse, it made me kill, it made me sexually harass, it made me spread AIDS, etc etc. This blame-shifting device turns the homosexual perpetrator into a victim and the real victim basically disappears into thin air, receiving no consideration whatsoever.

One of pro-homos’ chief tenets states that the sole explanation to all problems that homosexuals have in the world is the repression of their homosexuality by (conservative) society, not their own lack of character, diseased mind, corrupt attitudes, etc. Therefore if homosexuals commit any type of violence, it can only be because society has repressed their homosexuality and not accepted it.

This is just a shoddy propaganda device to fool the audience regarding how lacking in character and diseased are the minds of many homos and bisexuals, who, like other respective heterosexual criminals, have reasons much more complex and ignominious than the repression of sexuality. Simultaneously, this cognition-altering device aims at making the audience feel guilty for not normalizing homosexuality, as if that were to blame for every problem homos and bisexuals have in the world.

If we take this tenet to be true, another illogical aspect reveals itself quite readily. Pro-homos fail to explain why only homosexuals commit every single type of crime as a consequence of this supposed sexual repression. If a heterosexual man sexually abuses a teenage girl, the reasons will be various, but certainly not the repression of his sexuality, since heterosexuality is socially accepted. Pro-homos agree to that. But if a homosexual woman sexually abuses a teenage girl, for example, pro-homos immediatelly shout that it can only be because the lesbian lowlife was not accepted regarding her homosexuality. Therefore pro-homos fail to explain why only homosexuals perpetrate all crimes based on repression of their sexuality, when heterosexuals are given very different causal explanations for the very same crimes. And another additional illogical development of this pro-homo tenet is how to explain why bisexuals commit all kinds of crimes. Is it then half attributed to society not accepting bisexuality and half due to the bisexual’s diseased character?

The more we delve into the logic of the pro-homosexual world view, their tenets and explanations to reality, the more absurd it reveals itself.