From Dr.Helen: Nicholas Cummings and Rogers Wright, authors of Destructive Trends in Mental Health,talk about the APA’s attempt to silence those who disagree with their positions:

When writing their newly released book Destructive Trends in Mental Health, Wright and Cummings invited the participation of a number of fellow psychologists who flatly turned them down–fearing loss of tenure, loss of promotion, and other forms of professional retaliation. “We were bombarded by horror stories,” Dr. Cummings said. “Their greatest fear was of the gay lobby, which is very strong in the APA.”

‘Homophobia as intimidation’ is one of the most pervasive techniques used to silence anyone who would disagree with the gay activist agenda,” said Cummings. “Sadly, I have seen militant gay men and lesbians– who I am certain do not represent all homosexuals, and who themselves have been the object of derision and oppression– once gaining freedom and power, then becoming oppressors themselves.

Perhaps the APA should turn the mirror on itself when it comes to being intolerant and closed-minded. APA articles such as this one claim that Conservatives have an intolerance for ambiguity — but isn’t intolerance of ambiguity just what the APA is engaging in on the issue of homosexuality? Isn’t it extreme to go from diagnosing homosexuality as a mental illness in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) prior to 1973 to claiming that NARTH has no right to help those who want to change their sexual orientation to do so? Should we really trust an institution that swings to such extremes when it comes to psychological issues, and yet insists that it is right in whatever position it takes?

If clients want to change their sexual orientation, shouldn’t they be able to make that choice just like the clients who embrace being gay or heterosexual? (How would the APA act if someone else were trying to shut down therapists who assisted formerly “straight” clients with getting in touch with their “gay” feelings?) Is the appearance of political correctness so entrenched in the APA that they would violate their own ethical code of client autonomy, self-determination or diversity?

I guess the answer to the last question is “Yes.”

Dr.Helen: Please help me in my support of the book, Destructive Trends in Mental Health. I have purchased several copies and hope that others will too–give them to your favorite therapist or mental health professional or read them yourself. The book is chock full of great information on political correctness with chapters ranging from “The Psychology of Victimhood” to “The Dumbing Down of Psychology.”

Great post. However, it’s really bizarre given what an obsessive, stupid pro-homo her husband is (Instapundit). And he’s disgusting with a lot of other sexuality issues, such as porn, etc.

Nevertheless, it is a moment to celebrate. These horrible results have been taking form and occurring in more dispersed ways ever since the 80s and 90s, but only now they are getting unavoidably glaring. If you dared to criticize these garbage of people before, you were drowned out by the fanatical pro-homo mass choir (anyone remember what happened to Dr. Laura?). However, as they get more and more extreme and the terrible incongruent consequences become evermore blatant, at least more people will start to be bothered by certain aspects of pro-homosexuality fanatism. Then they will begin to take notice, they will be forced to start reflecting, and they will finally come to see how dysfunctional and fanatical pro-homosexual politics are, even if there was wide evidence 10, 15 years ago. Unfortunately, society at large is largely willingly in denial about it all, since fanatism always finds it easy to put blinders on an privileged, petulant, and irresponsible society.

We can forecast that pro-homos will continue to take over more and more powerful positions in society, but at least this will result in making them show their profound Animal Farm pig mentality in such striking ways that social denial about it will require increasing intellectual fraud on the part of those involved. And that is probably the only thing that will start pressuring society to be less in denial. The victims of all kinds of psychological and sexual violence perpetrated by homosexuals and bisexuals have basically no voice as it is.

Joining them in yet another stinging critique of the mental-health profession was psychiatrist Jeffrey Satinover, M.D. In his talk entitled “Judicial Abuse of Scientific Literature on Homosexuality by the American Mental Health Professional Organizations,” Satinover offered a long, elaborately referenced description of ethics breaches in the recent legal cases that have set the stage for groundbreaking changes in family-law policy.

Satinover said the mental-health associations had allowed themselves to be used by gay activists who distorted the research findings to serve their own socio-political aims. This distortion of the science, he said, has been so great that it is “appalling beyond imagination.”

How long we will have to wait for the dozens of books and articles that correctly show how psychologically violent and degenerate are the minds of homosexual and bisexual women regarding sexual harassment of other women, for example? One of many topics that rests a total taboo in society, thanks to pro-homos (in psychology, academia, and politicks). Another topic that media doesn’t dare to talk about is how much homosexuals and bisexuals engage in prostitution. And how domestically violent homosexual relationships are, and…