One thing that really sickens me is how nazi-inhumane most people are regarding (non-homosexual) kids who are bullied in school, often enough in seriously damaging ways. However, practically the only thing one hears again and again regarding bullying is the homo propaganda about how “non-safe” homo adolescents are in school, while the profound lack of safety of numerous other kids is a total non-issue for society. Insults against homosexual teenagers is about the only form of bullying that we are told deserves our attention and empathy, while we continue to live in a brutal school-environment society for so many other children.

I don’t think it would be hard to start a network of alliance groups that would encourage and permit kids to easily take action against bullies in their school. We also need to put in place measures where kids could denounce teachers and administrators that acted in neglect or in collusion with bullies. Although I am not really very aware of what is being put in place on a national and international level regarding this horrible problem in schools, from headlines and other bits of information, it seems like what we have right now are “drops in the ocean” type of initiatives. Better than nothing, no doubt, but so paltry. So little, so late.

I am writing on this subject because I just came upon this really frightening development regarding school bullying:

A Florida attorney who calls himself an “anti-video game activist” is raising concerns about a new video game that he says is nothing more than a “Columbine simulator.”

Miami attorney Jack Thompson says “Bully” is a new action game set in a virtual reform school. The game is being produced by Take2/Rockstar, the same company that released the series of violent “Grand Theft Auto” video games. According to Thompson, Take2 — in releasing “Bully” — is set to release “a violent video game that is, in effect, a Columbine simulator in every sense.”

The attorney explains the game’s scenario. “It’s a game set in a virtual school [Bullworth Academy] in which the hero is a bully who bludgeons his classmates and his teachers with slingshots, body slams, fists, and sticking their heads in toilets, as well as beating them with bats.” The concept, he says, is “off-the-scale reckless” in light of what happened at a Colorado school in April 1999. “Seven years ago, everybody who was paying attention learned that the Columbine school massacre was at the hands of kids who had been bullied, who then turned around — inappropriately, obviously — and criminally bullied others.” Thompson implies he is not the only one concerned about the new video game.

“All the bullying experts on both sides of the Atlantic who are aware of this game are bracing for more bullying and more violence in the schools,” he says, “because Take2/Rockstar Games is going to be marketing this game directly to children. This is very troubling and very much poses a public safety hazard.” The attorney says he is pleased the Miami-Dade School Board has passed a resolution urging retailers not to sell the game to minors. The game, which the manufacturer says will be released this Spring, has not yet received a rating from the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB). [Chad Groening]

Where is the outrage about this? Where are the concerned parents? The politicians and government agencies that are supposed to be working for the public? Where are the educators and teachers, who are mostly all garbage of pro-homos now?

Nowhere. Let all the vulnerable kids be sadistically tormented and battered, for all these people care. I’m sure they are too busy clapping at homos in Pride Parades to think about anything else.

Second point:

‘All the bullying experts on both sides of the Atlantic who are aware of this game are bracing for more bullying and more violence in the schools,” he says, “because Take2/Rockstar Games is going to be marketing this game directly to children

And what difference for the better would it make if it were marketed for adults and not directly to children?

Another thing that is really dysfunctional in the American worldview is that it proposes the false idea that only kids can act on suggestion of violence. This is to be completely in denial of human psychology. If you start pumping bullying messages to adults, some of them will be influenced and act on it. Just like sexual violence messages.

It’s not only the message that gives the idea depicting the act of violence, but what has the most influence, usually, is the encouragement embued in the message. The latter acts as a positive reinforcement for these people which can lead to abusive actions. The more encouragement they perceive in their sub-culture/surroundings/peers/society, the more that legitimizes their desires and subsequent decisions to perpetrate violence.