I am applying for a job and the guy asks me to send in a handwritten motivation/cover letter. This makes me totally uneasy, like, what is he after? I hate this, I hate people wanting to “analyze” you regarding something without you having any control of it.

I’ve had a handwriting expert look at my handwriting a long time ago and he said some pretty interesting things, general things, but nevertheless correct, regarding how I felt about myself and some personality traits at the time. But this was no job interview dweeb.

What spooks me is that I imagine there are very few people who are actually knowleageable on handwriting and most others are simply self-dellusional types, these obsessive morons with really loony ideas about one handwriting trait or another. Or they must be the cluelessly dogmatic types: anyone who writes their “A” like so, must be a person that arrives late for work everyday and I must be really smart to deduce this just by looking at your letter “A.” There goes my chance for the job.

Or they must be like some of those astrology people, who obsess about knowing your sign or their minds can’t process information about you, they can’t find a way to understanding you without putting you in a pre-determined, simplistic mold. “What, what, WHAT is your sign, I have to know what sign you are! If you don’t tell me your sign, I’m freaking out! ” I hate people who “believe” in astrology, as if it were some scientific domain.

Anyways, don’t like any of it. And the scanner is not working properly, so that only means that I will have to go somewhere tomorrow just to scan the stupid letter. It should be against the law. :-/