My comment at “V for Vendetta or Very Stupid” post at RightWingSparkle.

The left needs to use these extreme charicatures of rightwingers in order to lie to itself about the horrible problems that exist in a liberal society.

“V for Vendetta” lefties will not talk about how many liberals abuse children, rape women, batter and prostitute, nor about how violent or unethical non-heterosexuals are, nor how diseased liberal sexuality is – just take a look at the bulk of pornography and you will see millions of examples of neurotic, debasing, violent sexual attitudes and behaviors – all liberal.

Evidently, liberals are too cowardly to face and deal with how much the liberal kingdom stinks. They need to fool themselves that “the state” is what constitutes the only threat to human rights in society, since they are too privileged and dehumanized to care about any other type of mass civil violence, specially when a good deal of the perpetrators are liberals.