My comment from a thread at RWS:

The Abu Grabi pictures are no different than pictures (or behaviors) of people who practice SM, another violent and deranged form of sexuality which only liberals have managed to want to legitimize.

So I find it just a tad ridiculuous when a liberal society which is that deranged sexually has anything to say about some similar prison SM technique.

One more reason why the mind of a liberal stinks so much, the grotesque hypocrisy about the profound problems with its own sexualities.

Need to go, will clarify later – to have an idea what I am referring to, here are previous posts on the subject:

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See Harry thing for what started the above discussion.

This thread developed over at RWS, so I am copying some of the discussion here:

From comments on my site – qkl : “Is there anything a person shouldn’t consent to, Andy? “

Andy is that type of guy that when confronted with a suicidal person who wants to jump off the ledge but needs a little push, they can count on Andy for it. Because Andy is just so respectful of “consensual activities.”

Andy, apparently you have not grasped that your concept of “consent” is simply horrendous. Horrendous here means: detrimental to society, irresponsible, and regarding certain issues, negligent and criminal.

alessandra | Homepage | 04.02.06 – 10:48 am | #


andy: Willing consent is stupid? Allowing adults to… well… be adults is stupid?

Let us take another example of Andy’s deranged mind: suppose we have two adults (in Andy’s mind that means they can do anything as long as one of them says yes). Because for Andy, “willing consent” is just a person saying yes. It doesn’t matter if the person is totally sick or criminal or deranged, as long as they say yes, Andy thinks it’s “willing consent.” So person A asks person B to stone them to death in the middle of a shopping mall, because that’s what gives them pleasure. Sure enough, Andy here would be delighted to provide all the stones and he would love to watch, knowing just much he was defending freedom, democracy, and liberalism from any horrible govt interference (ohh! those big brother meanies!). If it weren’t for Andy someone might actually prevent a brutal act and that lovely concept of “willing consent” that Andy has would be put to scrutiny.

And “allowing” adults to be adults? Oh, you mean allowing you to continue to have attitudes and behaviors detrimental to society, irresponsible, and regarding certain issues, negligent and criminal.

That’s your idea of “adulthood.”

alessandra | Homepage | 04.02.06 – 10:59 am | #


I’m cool. Alessandra you are an extremist.

Because I show how much you contribute to irresponsible and destructive attitudes about sexuality, drug addiction, and personal relationships?

Oh the meanie extremist!!! Oh Alessandra talks about responsibility to some crack trash! She talks about having character to a liberal!! Oh the monster. “She” should be monitered.

So, crackhead, you didn’t answer my previous questions. Too modest are you? Don’t be shy, here’s another little “extremist” question for you: is your favorite way to spread AIDS the needle or your dance floor sexual encounters?

alessandra | Homepage | 04.02.06 – 11:14 am | #


andy: “That you somehow associate the crime of chopping up a body after an accidental, heterosexual S&M death with the evils of homosexuality and bisexuality”

Andy, if you could understand what any of the problems in human sexuality are and if you could associate anything about them and if you could understand correctly any association that I make, instead of your repeated distortions, all of that would be a first, wouldn’t it?

alessandra | Homepage | 04.02.06 – 11:22 am | #


andy: The only people in my life I’ve known to have such bizarre opinions regarding sexuality are those that have been sexually abused in the past. I don’t know if you have been, but – regardless – seek help, because you’re crazy.

Hah, the exact proof of what I am talking about.

So the opinions of people who abuse or who endorse abuse (like you do) are not bizarre, but the only people you think have some bizarre opions are those whom you imagine have been sexually abused.

It’s clear that the mentality of sexual abusers is the norm for you, and not bizarre at all.

alessandra | Homepage | 04.02.06 – 11:34 am | #

Update 2:

Look! Andy’s been busy!!

Three men have been arrested on charges of performing castrations on apparently willing participants in a sadomasochistic “dungeon” in a rural house, authorities said Friday.

“It’s extremely bizarre,” District Attorney Michael Bonfoey said in a telephone interview. “It’s incredible the amount of ways that people can find to run afoul of the law.”

Bizarre?? Andy, please set this guy straight, hasn’t he heard of your mentally healthy concept of “willing consent?”

According to Andy, this DA is crazy because he thinks this is bizarre.

Imagine daring to think that chopping off testicles and other bodily mutilations indicate a deranged sexuality? It’s what is normal for liberals!

Hey Dave, you should start monitoring this DA!! Another extremist!!!