hahahah via Drudge, she bombed!! His headline: SHARON FALLS FLAT AT BOXOFFICE WITH ‘BASIC’…

There’s simple trash and enjoyable trash; this movie wants to be the latter, but alas it falls into the first category.

I read two reviews of the disgusting “Basic Instinct 2” and it only serves her right. She’s like Madonna trash for Hollywood:

Ebert: So much for the plot. Now for Sharon Stone. She may get some of the worst reviews in years, but she delivers the goods. Playing Catherine Tramell, a trashy novelist who toys with life, death and sex while doing “research” for her next best seller, Stone brings a hypnotic fascination to her performance. You don’t believe it, but you can’t tear your eyes away. She talks dirty better than anyone in the movies. She can spend hours working her way through “every position in Masters and Johnson,” she sighs wistfully, and forget all about it in a week, “but I’d remember it if a man died while having sex with me.”

And this is funny: (Ebert again)

Which brings us full circle to “Basic Instinct 2.” It has an audacious plot that depends on (a) a psychopathic serial killer being able to manipulate everyone in her life, or (b) a woman who uncannily seems to be a psychopathic serial killer, while there is (c) an alternative explanation for everything. True, (a), (b) or (c) are equally impossible, but they’re the only possibilities, I think. That leaves us feeling screwed at the end, which is how everyone in the film feels, so we cross the finish line together.

Ebert had an interesting point nevertheless:

Of Sharon Stone, what can I say except that there is within most men a private place that responds to an aggressive sexual challenge, especially when it’s delivered like a lurid torch song, and Stone plays those notes like she worked out her own fingering.

What do you think of this last excerpt above?