Came across this description while surfing around:

I went back on my resolve on the online dating thing and put up a new profile on a new site I found recently… it caters to a more local population and you can actually communicate w/other members for free. I’ve prolly talked to a dozen guys in the last 2 weeks, and without fail, every interaction has only gone to reinforce my belief that He is Perfect. The sheer number of creeps and drips in the world is astounding… and I think 80% of them live w/in 45 miles of me. =P There’s the ones who ask your n/a/s/l, most of which is already in my profile, btw, and then proceed directly, crassly, and unimaginatively to try to initiate cyber sex. Then there’s the ones who can’t carry on an engaing conversation to save their life… these range the gambit from horrible grammar, spelling, and insipid, desultory, juvenille conversation, to the seemingly nice guy who has absolutely no clue how or inclination to carry on a reciprocal conversation… when somone asks you a question, after answering it, you can either a.) follow up w/a question for them to answer, or b.) expound on your answer to further the conversation along. There’s also the Creepy Old Men w/lots of baggage who seem to think that they can still get a young, vivacious, attractive woman…. and spend most of the time bitching ’bout the ex, complaining ’bout having to pay child support, and yakking ’bout their dead end job and the exploits of their equally pathetic redneck cronies who’ve they grown up with since diapers. I can only take so many drunk, high, riverbank, fishing buddy, campfire orgy stories… my limit is One. To be fair, I have come across a couple of seemingly nice, decent guys… one there’s just no click for either of us… can only discuss the topic of dance so much, before you realize that there’s no sense in replying to the last e-mail b/c there’s nothing else of mutual interest to discuss. And then there’s the single dad raising his kids… seems to be a nice human, but I have to be honest that there’s just no way I’m getting even remotely involved in that situation… too many complications and pitfalls and just not a life that I want to live.

Her post goes onto to more personal part, really well articulated, but a very sad experience of loss.

(I had inadvertedly thought it was a break-up, but then she clarified it wasn’t, so I am re-writing my comment above, in case you read the comments to the post and wonder what they are about). 🙂