RightWingSparkle tells of her experience being “hit on” in a crude manner, online, by an adolescent boy. And how this relates to many of the news scandal reports we are hearing about sex/abuse between teachers and students.

A commenter wrote:

Agreed on your overall point about kids being exposed to sexuality too young, but I’m not sure your example of a 17-year-old boy acting that way is particularly salient.

I mean, come on… there’s no two ways about it: 17-year-olds, particularly athletes, are uninhibited, overconfident, and perverted. The fact that some of them go for older women is neither surprising nor anything new. If they couldn’t get access to sex on TV or the Internet, they’d get it some other way.

Sure, maybe kids now are bolder, even less inhibited, about sex, but I think that’s a trade-off for living in a free and prosperous society. The biggest problem with that is there’s just no need for a lot of middle-class kids to work, because they’re parents have enough money to buy them what they need and/or want. So they get a sense of entitlement in things completely unrelated to sex that then spill over into sexual areas.

By the way, there’s a real simple solution to your MySpace problem: don’t post a picture. I don’t care what you say, you look DAMN good in the picture here on your blog, and in a forum like MySpace, that’s just plain going to attract the kind of unwanted attention you’ve already gotten.

CITIZEN JOURNALIST | 04.09.06 – 10:47 am | #

Citizen journalist,

You have a point about the way athletes and boys in general are, but that doesn’t explain why they cross the line when they didn’t use to and don’t even care when someone rejects them or threatens to expose them. Plus, where is the respect? If an adult has provern herself not worthy of it then I can understand. But to give disrespect right off the bat, I don’t understand. We lived in a free and prosperus when I was young too and when my parents were youg and theirs and kids didn’t act like this. So I don’t agree wtih the “trade-off” thing.

Plus, it is ridiculous that one can’t post a perfectly regular picture of oneself for that reason.

RightWing Sparkle

You have a point about the way athletes and boys in general are, but that doesn’t explain why they cross the line when they didn’t use to and don’t even care when someone rejects them or threatens to expose them.
Three words: liberal (sexual) culture.

A culture that makes people have base, denigrating attitudes regarding sex and personal relationships, and call it “liberation and freedom.” If you are in a more privileged position, it just amounts to unpleasant interactions, if you are less privileged, then it gets harassful or violent.

Our culture is changing, for the worse, it was not like this a couple of decades ago. Pornography and the media in general (which is more and more pornographied) are having a huge impact on people’s minds, and consequently, their behavior.

And on the internet, there are almost no external social controls, so the more sexual garbage a person has inside them, the quicker it comes out.

And you didn’t check out the testimony of the abused boy regarding the older homos going for him online? You have scruples, lots of adults simply don’t. Even if when they come on your blog, they act nice. What do you know about what they do in private?


It’s the problem of a society that says nobody ought to think about the private sphere, hands-off.


Update April 9:

AP -Peter Svensson -NEW YORK – Online games have so far mainly revolved around the killing of fantasy monsters. The occasional fight with a Stormtrooper provides some variety.

Companies are now developing a handful of games — though calling them that is a stretch — designed to give players a very different option: making love, not war.

Michael (the archangel :-):
This is not just porn – we’re talking about interactive multi-player gaming.

Call me a prude, but this really strikes me as unhealthy. I mean, it’s one thing to flirt with Lipstick in a comment thread. Quite another to engage in simulated sex with an on-screen caricature of someone who you know absolutely nothing about. Creeps will be coming out of the woodwork in droves to sign up for this.

oh, and what you just said here “Call me a prude, but this really strikes me as unhealthy” is really at the heart of how a really shoddy (and vicious) liberal culture manipulates men (and more and more women) into endorsing a lot of sexual deviance and violence. All of this in order to fool themselves as being (falsely) sexually hip or, in the case of men, as macho/masculine. Otherwise they get tarred and feathered as “prudes,” “afraid of sex,” “wimpy,” “not masculine enough,” etc etc. At the same time, the liberal crap all clothe themselves as “liberated,” “full of ‘masculine’ status playboys (and pimps),” and “sexually avant-garde.”

The result is that at the core of this culture, decency, trust, intimacy, and responsibility are getting more and more distant from sexuality (and, consequently, from the fundamental basis for a personal relationship).