I wanted to walk to work tomorrow, but just knowing how I can barely open my eyes in the morning when I am trying to get up is already causing me not to know it’s not going to happen. And I need to rush out the door at the end of the day, so there will go another day without exercise…

And in another interesting recent development, I bought this really cheap but fantastic dark chocolate last week (8 tablets for the price of one!). It’s just dark enough not to be sweet milk chocolate, but it’s also not that really strong sugar-lacking taste. So I’ve been having dark chocolate for breakfast, and it’s great.

And as if I hadn’t 3 or 4 major projects that I never have time or mental space to get going on, on Monday I just couldn’t stop thinking about doing a documentary. It’s because of someone I interact with who would be the center of my documentary, he is just so great, and he and his work would make such a great documentary. Maybe if I stay here, which is all up in the air right now, I can even toy more with the idea, but I was already sad thinking it would just be another one of my dream projects. Argh!